Saturday, 29 September 2007

This is my first "Meme"...

My Internet's begginings... This "Meme" (a "Meme" is the analog way to do a message chain by e-mail), was sent to me by Natalia , and I should share with you my Internet's begginings.

When did I start to use Internet? ... It was in the 2001 year, when I started the university. I had my first e-mail account at yahoo, and I used to visit a site called "mundo yerba", where I read jokes and saw funny stuffs.
I became really addicted to Internet because of UOL site. I discovered there the chat! I stayed longs hours chatting, and I have made some good friends. I still talk to my first cyber-friend! His name is Joel, and he's from Buenos Aires city.
But my most amazing discover was Yahoo Messenger. I found it by chance, browsing yahoo page, and installed it in one of the computers at the university. This was magical to me. Then a friend of mine, Andrea, told me about a similar program, the ICQ (R.I.P.).
I want to say that I have found wonderfull people in the "cyberspace". I have met personally with Pablo and Javier, and It was a nice experience :).
My first type of home connection to Internet was dial-up, you can imagine. I only could download e-mail, not browsing. Then I suscribed a browsing plan, hours limited. We (my brothers and I) had only 60 hs to get connected to the Internet. This was the Internet connection war at home!! :D
Well... mmm... oh! I use yahoo or altavista as first sites serching. Then I found Google, and I never leave it, because it's the best.
Nowadays, I really think that a PC without Internet connection isn't a PC ;). I like trying all the web services, so I use homebanking, blogs, chat, e-mail, video on youtube, music... I make reservations to the cinema or hotel, pay my taxes, consulting the weather on line, and so on!!

Now, and because it's a "MEME", I should pass it to three peple more, so:

* Nelba (of course!!)
* Bárbara
* Matute

CU people!!

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Matute said...


I see you let me some homework ;)
It's good!! It's an amazing topic!

I will post in my blog and make a link so we can test the pingback.

See you and keep posting!


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Ma. Luján. Great work and idea about the meme. I´ll do the homework... ey! I used to give homework. Have we changed roles???
jajaja See you

Barbara said...

It's a good idea to talk about how we started using internet. A very interesting topic! I will answer the question by mail to Nelba.
See you!

doris3m said...

Hi, Lujan! great idea this of MEME. I-m going to use it with my students. If you want to read my meme ... you-ll have to visit-s Nelba-s blog, I wrote it there.

keep on shining!

bili said...
here's my weekly task on this topic...
have a great day!

Teja said...

Hi. This is my weekly task on this topic.


pikec85 said...

you can also read something about my first contact with internet over here:

Kristjan said...

This is my story about using Internet.
By by

slavko said...

Hi! Internet... It's a great thing! If you want you can check My first Internet contact..

sladkitrak said...

hello!! The inernet is realy great!! Sometimes I get angry and impatient becouse the connection is slow or doesn`t work.:-)

see you!!

here is a conection to my weekly task on this topic.

Rok said...

there is link to my weekly task about using internet:D

have a nice time:D

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