Saturday, 29 September 2007

This is my first "Meme"...

My Internet's begginings... This "Meme" (a "Meme" is the analog way to do a message chain by e-mail), was sent to me by Natalia , and I should share with you my Internet's begginings.

When did I start to use Internet? ... It was in the 2001 year, when I started the university. I had my first e-mail account at yahoo, and I used to visit a site called "mundo yerba", where I read jokes and saw funny stuffs.
I became really addicted to Internet because of UOL site. I discovered there the chat! I stayed longs hours chatting, and I have made some good friends. I still talk to my first cyber-friend! His name is Joel, and he's from Buenos Aires city.
But my most amazing discover was Yahoo Messenger. I found it by chance, browsing yahoo page, and installed it in one of the computers at the university. This was magical to me. Then a friend of mine, Andrea, told me about a similar program, the ICQ (R.I.P.).
I want to say that I have found wonderfull people in the "cyberspace". I have met personally with Pablo and Javier, and It was a nice experience :).
My first type of home connection to Internet was dial-up, you can imagine. I only could download e-mail, not browsing. Then I suscribed a browsing plan, hours limited. We (my brothers and I) had only 60 hs to get connected to the Internet. This was the Internet connection war at home!! :D
Well... mmm... oh! I use yahoo or altavista as first sites serching. Then I found Google, and I never leave it, because it's the best.
Nowadays, I really think that a PC without Internet connection isn't a PC ;). I like trying all the web services, so I use homebanking, blogs, chat, e-mail, video on youtube, music... I make reservations to the cinema or hotel, pay my taxes, consulting the weather on line, and so on!!

Now, and because it's a "MEME", I should pass it to three peple more, so:

* Nelba (of course!!)
* Bárbara
* Matute

CU people!!

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

Free Software in Mar del Plata

I want to invite all you to the Mar del Plata Free Software Conference.
Free Software is more than a kind of soft, it's a complete filosophy, so, if you are interesting on it, or you want to know what is about it, please, visit to see the event's program.
The company of one of the wrintingmatrix group, Matias ("matute"), is sponsor of this conference!

PS: The event is free!

A Friend's Blog

This small post is to let you know about a blog:

It's made by a friend of mine, Alberto, wich is a History professor. You'll find his blog very interesting, so, please, visit it and leave a comment!