Monday, 21 May 2007

From Mar del Plata to the World!!

The last Sunday I went to the cost, to share some "mates" (a typical argentinian drink) with my family, and I took some pictures with my mobile phone.

I think this is part of ICT: conneted, everywhere, using technology.

Here are the photos, my favourite place on this city, where I renew my energy seeing the sea... and the sunset!!

PS: To the people who came to Mar del Plata in summer, see the photos of the empty beach and enjoy all the free sand ;)

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Internet gaming: understanding the attraction

Have you ever play Internet computer games? This is an amazing and growing business and there are thousands of games and possibilities. Thus, what is the attraction of this?
In the beginnings, the video games were very simply and rudimentary. Only one person could play against the computer, and this was very frustrating and boring. Perhaps the reader can remember the pong game, in which the player manipulates a device to move a bar up and down, trying to deflect a ball against a kind of wall. Fewer years later, new kind of video games appeared. They began to increase the complex level, and involve all senses with graphics colors and some quality sound. Other advancement was the multi-players games that allowed two or more people to play the same game at the same time.

When the Internet comes to the games, it changed everything. To solution the limitation of the players need to be physically present in the same room, the companies developed games in which is possible to play against each others players across a computer network, and then, over Internet. Firstly, this was exclusive for computers, but nowadays, the game consoles, like the Microsoft X-box, have an Ethernet port to connect to Internet. In addition to common Internet games, there are on-line games. This can be downloaded on demand or upon subscription. The players could rent the use of the game for trial few days, and then renew the subscription or erase it from their disks. Other aspect is that this kind of games provides the possibility to adapt the features to the taste of the players. Both aspects together make this kind of games a big new business, because of the thousand of people interested in its.
Casinos, sport games, rol games, strategic … all are available and waiting for new subscriptions. The offer is amazing. Probably you have heard about Quake, or Counter Strike, GTA Vice City. You can play its not only in your home pc, but in cyber coffees. Usual players develop some kind of community, and exchange experiences and bigs amount of game’s hours.

Tell me what is your favourite!! :)