Sunday, 15 June 2008

Stolen Digital PhotoCamera called home

June 2008 – A family was on Florida for vacations when their camera Canon PowerShot was stolen.They had value photos and video sequences on the SD camera’s memory card, about their childrens.
When they arrived to home, they found all the Pictures saved in their family’s PC. And also have pictures of the people who stole the camera!
How is this possible? The SD memory card, was an intelligence one :). This card automatically send the photos stored on the memory to an email adress defined by the users, when the camera detect a wireless public connection. While the burglars crossed over an office’s sector, the camera stayed in touch with a bussined wireless network, and transmited the images to the camara’s owners.
The burglars had taken some photos from theirselves, so now the police have very good evidence…

Well, until here, the article from the news… Do this kind of news sound so “si-fi” for you like me? I like technology a lot, because things like that allways surprise me!
Camera phone home! Like E.T! LOL

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Funny Keyword Analysis

Today I was reading my blog stats... and I have just realiced that 3 people found my page by searching the phrases "can computer games cause tics", "hi everybody", or "vivero guardia". LOL!
Who can imagine that "this" are the "keywords" of my blog? ...The power of tagging and softbots is showing it up ;)

CU Soon!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Yeap, I'm Here

Hi! It's been a looooooong time, isn't it? Well, I was very busy doing my thesis, changing job... A lot of things had change in my life. I'm very happy to say that all changes were for good :).

This year 2008 appeared to be very hard too, with a lot of work to do, but I'm exiting to afford the challenge!

I haven't got hollidays, so this break for Easter are mini-vacations for me.

I share with all of you a picture of Mar del Plata's sea. I'm ready for writing matrix 2008 realoaded! :)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Spring Time

I don't know if I told this before, but I live in a rural place. Every year, we go to the "vivero" (a great site where you can buy plants, flowers, trees, etc), and buy some flowers for our garden.
I share with you a pic that I made today, in the "vivero Guardia", to remember the beauty of this springs times! :)

And this is a photo of a peach tree in my house:


Writing Matrix project is global!! :)

I told you some months ago, that I'm using statcounter to see my blog stats... This night, I have just realized that I have more visitors from Slovenia than Argentina! Here is the "top 5" Country's visitor:

What a surprise! :) Thanks to everybody for your visits and comments... I'm very happy to see "writingmatrix members" all over the world.



Tuesday, 9 October 2007

ExpoImagen 2007

The last weekend I was at Expo Imagen 2007, it was great! There were a lot of brands related with photography and digital images, like Epson, HP, Olympus, Fuji, Sony and more!

I found really nice the "Kioskos" to get printed copies of your photos. I tried several Kioskos, such as Kodak, Rollpix, Noritsu, PhotoSpeed... It's very interesting to see the last technologies in the market. You can make almost what ever you want with your photos, and all this systems try to be user friendly (easy to use for everyone), with nices user interfaces.

I went with two friends, Andrea and Natalia, both work at Rollpix, so they invited to me. It was a really great experience, I'm happy :)

Here are some photos, of course!!

PS: The date on some pictures is wrong (we forgot to change it).

Saturday, 29 September 2007

This is my first "Meme"...

My Internet's begginings... This "Meme" (a "Meme" is the analog way to do a message chain by e-mail), was sent to me by Natalia , and I should share with you my Internet's begginings.

When did I start to use Internet? ... It was in the 2001 year, when I started the university. I had my first e-mail account at yahoo, and I used to visit a site called "mundo yerba", where I read jokes and saw funny stuffs.
I became really addicted to Internet because of UOL site. I discovered there the chat! I stayed longs hours chatting, and I have made some good friends. I still talk to my first cyber-friend! His name is Joel, and he's from Buenos Aires city.
But my most amazing discover was Yahoo Messenger. I found it by chance, browsing yahoo page, and installed it in one of the computers at the university. This was magical to me. Then a friend of mine, Andrea, told me about a similar program, the ICQ (R.I.P.).
I want to say that I have found wonderfull people in the "cyberspace". I have met personally with Pablo and Javier, and It was a nice experience :).
My first type of home connection to Internet was dial-up, you can imagine. I only could download e-mail, not browsing. Then I suscribed a browsing plan, hours limited. We (my brothers and I) had only 60 hs to get connected to the Internet. This was the Internet connection war at home!! :D
Well... mmm... oh! I use yahoo or altavista as first sites serching. Then I found Google, and I never leave it, because it's the best.
Nowadays, I really think that a PC without Internet connection isn't a PC ;). I like trying all the web services, so I use homebanking, blogs, chat, e-mail, video on youtube, music... I make reservations to the cinema or hotel, pay my taxes, consulting the weather on line, and so on!!

Now, and because it's a "MEME", I should pass it to three peple more, so:

* Nelba (of course!!)
* Bárbara
* Matute

CU people!!

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