Sunday, 21 October 2007

Writing Matrix project is global!! :)

I told you some months ago, that I'm using statcounter to see my blog stats... This night, I have just realized that I have more visitors from Slovenia than Argentina! Here is the "top 5" Country's visitor:

What a surprise! :) Thanks to everybody for your visits and comments... I'm very happy to see "writingmatrix members" all over the world.




Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Luján : Great you have so many visitors. but tell me, I also have statcounter in one of my blogs but I don´t get the flags I saw in your post. How have you customized your statcounter?

Lujan said...

Nelba, to see this chart, you must go to, login, make a click on your blog project (the page show you a list of the projects you have created), and in the left page's side, you have an option called "Country/State/ISP", where I saw this stats.

Saša said...

Dear Lujan, Doris passed your meme to me and I passed it on to your numerous visitors from Slovenia - my students. :-)
Here's what I've written about it:
p.s. Love your spring photos. It's wintertime here and the first snowflakes have fallen in some parts of our country.

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