Wednesday, 25 July 2007


You know about my photography hobbie... well, this time, I share with you a pic of Mar del Plata's beachs in winter, after the rain, and you can see the rainbow. This photo was taken by a friend of mine, Mariana (Mey for everybody), so... Mey thank you!!


Prof.Nelba Quintana-La Plata- Argentina said...

I love rainbows because they are usually associated with hope and wishes. Very good picture!

N@tySan said...

Amazing picture!! I love it... that's why all of us who lives in Mar del Plata all the year enjoy the city every single day!

doris3m said...

Hi, Lujan! beautiful rainbow... everybody loves rainbows... they are the way the world should be .... colorful and painting a colorful smile in every face that look at them.

A warm a brazo from Venezuela.

Matute said...

Hi Lujan!!

It's a amazing picture!

Next week in Mar del Plata will be the JAIIO Please post something about that ;)

I want to invite you to take a tour for in my blog and read this post with an interesting video:

I think you will like it 'cause we have common likes.

Please let some comments If you can 'cause I want to collect some opinions about the topic and I want your feedback.

Thanks again Lujan!

Teja said...

Hi, Lujan! This picture is wonderful. I like it because of colours. Have a nice day.