Sunday, 3 June 2007

StatCounter, a great web tracker

Do you have your own blog? Do you know who visit it? Where are they from? How many people have visited your homepage? How many time did they spend on it?

If you want to know the answer to some of this questions, you should try statcounter. You can see the link as a button in this blog, on the right side.

StatCounter is a great website tracker. It allows you to see the stats, and have very interesting information about your visitors. I put here an example of my blog stats. I was really surprised when I have the information of "my" visitor's countries. See that...

Do you have several blogs? No problem, you register only once time, and you can manage diferents sites from only one account, by creating one more "site project".

And the best: it's free!

Try it on, it's very easy to register, and you only have to follow some steps to configure the stats's site. Enjoy it!


rchmura said...

You may find that can hold all of your visitor information. stat counter will not hold more than 100 of your last visits.

Matute said...

Great post!

It's interesting to know more about Blogger tools that help us grow the traffic of our sites.

I think we can talk about this tools in the next meeting with Nelba and tune our sites.

Good post ! ;)

don't forget to visit my last post:

keep writing!

Prof.Nelba Quintana-La Plata- Argentina said...

Dear Luján: I have embeded stat counter in one of my blogs and it really works! Thanks for the info.
Anyway, I will try with other blog. Hugs from la Plata :)